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27-09-2012 / Block in volkskrant Magazine

Block from Normann Copenhagen is spotted in the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine. Block is available in 3 colors: mint, light grey and dark grey.

05-09-2012 / By Nord in Noorderland Magazine

The tea towel deer and the baby duvet cover deer in the Noorderland Magazine

27-08-2012 / Mikkili mentioned as favorite in 101Woonideeën

Mikkili is mentioned as a favorite webshop in the Dutch magazine101Woonideeën

31-07-2012 / Spotted in the Dutch Libelle magazine 31

In Libelle magazine 31 are the vase and candles (available in 3 heights) from the Omaggio serie from the brand Kähler Design used in a photo shoot.

10-04-2012 / Junior duvet cover spotted in JAN

Toddler bedding from the brand By Nord spotted in the dutch magazine JAN. Also available in single size

03-04-2012 / Cushion Wild flower in Home and Garden

Cushion Wild flower from the brand By Nord is spotted in the dutch magazine Home and Garden.

03-04-2012 / Duvet cover deer from By Nord spotted in De Lente Thuis

Duvet cover deer from By Nord spotted De Lente Thuis. 

03-04-2012 / Kontur design vase in De Lente Thuis

The designer Kontur vase from the brand Normann Copenhagen is spotted in De Lente Thuis.  

07-03-2012 / Fiducia in the Dutch magazine Home and Garden

The Fiducia of Kähler Design , (5 vases and candle holders) spotted in the Dutch magazine Home and Garden 2012 no. 1 online design is the only seller of the Danish brand Kähler Design  in The Netherlands.

25-01-2012 / WIN ACTION at Libelle magazine

Mikkili sells, in The Netherlands, as only retailer the brand Graf & Lantz. This brand stands for beautiful design felt-leather bags.

You can win this cool croc bag from Mikkili if you participate in the

                                    LIBELLE magazine WIN ACTION

Write "trendy vilten tas" on a card with name and address and send it before 17 February 2012 to Libelle magazine, PO Box 40013, 3130 KN Hoofddorp.

22-12-2011 / By Nord tea towels in Libelle magazine

Tea towels from the brand By Nord, wolf, moose and deer spotted in Libelle magazine 51. New at By Nord the tea towel forest

21-12-2011 / Duvet cover Moose in magazine VTwonen

Duvet cover Moose from the brand By Nord publiced in VTwonen januari 2012. You can order the duvet cover in single and double size. 

19-12-2011 / By Nord theedoeken in Södra kontakt

Tea towel wolf, deer and moose from the brand By Nord in the Swedish magazine Södra kontakt. 

14-12-2011 / Hang on en Fiducia gespot in Viva

In Viva no: 50 a Dutch magazine is the Hang On from the Danish brand Normann Copenhagen publiced. On the same page you find the vase / candle stick Fiducia from the Danish brand Kähler Design. 

12-12-2011 / Avvento in the Dutch VeluweLeven magazine

The Avvento Christmas candle holders from the Danish brand Kähler Design in the Dutch Lifestyle magazine VeluweLeven winter 2011. 

01-12-2011 / Krenit bowl in Flair magazine

Krenit bowl turqouise from Normann Copenhagen is publiced in Flair magazine no: 48

28-11-2011 / ORA in Dutch magazine VTwonen

The ceramic clock ORA from the Danish brand Kähler Design is spotted in the Dutch magazine VTwonen no 12. Mikkili online design is for this moment the only dealer in the Netherlands who sells the Danish Kähler Design. 

23-11-2011 / Christmas candles spotted on the Dutch blog 101 Woonideeen

The Christmas candles Avvento from the Danish brand Kähler Design are spotted on the blog of the Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen.

22-11-2011 / Avvento Christmas candles in the Dutch magazine 101 Woonideeen no: 12

De Avvento Christmas candles from Kähler Design spotted in the Dutch magazine101 Woonideeen no: 12.

25-10-2011 / Avvento kerstkandelaartjes in Libelle 43

De Avvento Christmas candles spotted in Libelle magazine 43.

25-10-2011 / Miho in Libelle magazine 43

The stool  Rose Garden of Miho Unexpected is spotted in Libelle Magazine 43.

19-10-2011 / Tea towels By Nord on website Red magazine

We spotted the tea towel from the brand By Nord on the website of the Dutch Red magazine. The tea towels are available with the image of of wolf, deer or moose.

09-10-2011 / Fiducia in Flavourzine

The Fiducia from the Danish brand Kähler Design is published in FlavourZine, the online magazine of

02-10-2011 / Mikkili in VIVA magazine no: 40

In VIVA magazine no. 40 are 3 products of the Mikkili collection. The 3 tea towels from the brand By Nord wolf, moose and deer.  

02-10-2011 / In Libelle magazine no: 38

In Libelle magazine no: 38 is a product publiced from The Shine Reversible  designed by Jurianne Matter. 

19-08-2011 / In Libelle no 33

 In Libelle magazine no. 33 are 2 products publiced of Mikkili. The bird Allegra from Miho Unexpected and the cushion Blue Thistle from By Nord (this cushion is sold out). By Nord has more beautiful cushions in collection.

10-08-2011 / Mikkili in the blog Lille Lykke

 Carolien from the blog Lille Lykke has written a post about the brand Kähler Design

16-06-2011 / Mikkili on Currystrumpet

Nice a product of Mikkili in real! Thanks for publicing this picture.

08-06-2011 / Mikkili in REMINDERZ magazine

Mikkili publiced in the REMINDERZ magazine edition no. 16. 

05-06-2011 / Mikkili in the daily Dutch Telegraaf

Mikkili has an special offer in the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf. You will receive untill 1st of july 2011 up to 10% discount on the entire collection. Use discount code VROUW. (special offer is closed)

24-05-2011 / Mikkili publiced in 101 woonideeën

Mikkili has a publication in the Dutch 101 woonideeën no. 6 2011.

10-11-2010 / Mikkili gespot op