How to Handle a Tour Bus

Tour buses are pretty awesome, with a lot of companies and individuals using them to ferry people around cities or from place to place. Often, these tour buses have local guides with them to ensure that you and your party know the most about the area you are in. In order to get the most out of a DC tour bus excursion, you’ll have to follow a few rules, that way your bus experience will be a good one.

First, always treat the driver with respect and care. They want to make the ride good for you and you should be making the same effort for them. Take the time to thank them, ask if they need anything, and be clear with where you want to go. When you and your party leave the bus, let the driver know when you will be back and keep that appointment to ensure that no one is late or left behind.

Second, try to stay seated when the bus is moving. It’s almost like a school bus, so sit down, buckle up, and focus on your next destination. If there is food or drink on the bus, then try your best to keep the bus clean. No one wants to clean up your mess, so ensure that you leave as little as possible during your stay on and off the bus.

DC tour bus

Finally, when you are on the bus, don’t do anything or make any loud sounds to distract the driver. Again, treat the bus like it’s a school bus and then everything should be fine. Tour buses should be fun experiences and allow for you to travel across a city or area in style, and it’s even more fun when you treat the bus and its driver with respect.