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TimeCapsule a baby shower or wedding gift from Anouk van der El

Designed by Anouk van der El

The TimeCapsule is an original baby shower gift or wedding gift. With TimeCapsules you definitely give a gift for the future.It’s the perfect way to capture and hold onto the big moments in life; the birth of a baby, a wedding, a farewell, a graduation etc. Whatever the moment is with a TimeCapsule you can keep the memories of these milestone moments in life alive and fresh for years to come.

What's in the TimeCapsule:
1. A booklet (for your prescious memories)
2. Washi tape (for decoration)
3. Set of labels
4. Set of stickers
5. Wrapping paper
6. Handy manuel (with lots of ideas)
7. Sealing strip sealing the TimeCapsule


Size 36 x 29 x 9,5 cm
Material TimeCapsule is from plastic
Color White
Weight 1200gr
Brand TimeCapsules
Designer Anouk van der El
Note Complete with wrapping paper, stickers,
labels, tape, booklet, seal strip

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